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Friday, February 18, 2011

Just to clarify things

Reading the sports pages last night, I saw mention that the Rays are now considering having Jake McGee make the team as a reliever. For those of you who have read along so far, you might have seen that I had McGee listed as the closer for the Rays. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know all the players on all the team, and trying to keep track of bullpens is a losing proposition.

To get the names filling the positions, I've been using the depth charts on ESPN. It might not be the most accurate, but it probably as close as anyone else. I'm going to continue using those depth charts, and if I miss something, or have someone listed where they really shouldn't be, so be it. I'll try to update when I can, and if I know about it. There are obviously lots of roster moves to still be made, so lots of changes ahead.

As of now, I'm not changing my assessment of the Rays based on this. One player isn't really going to make a difference overall, and it's still based on perception more than anything else.

Its baseball, not science, and I don't have to be exact. 

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