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Monday, April 11, 2011

The season predictions

So, finally, after all this, I’m going to get down to my predictions for the year. Yeah, it’s late, but this has taken way more time than I thought it would. Time to get it done and over with and move on to other more important things to write about.

Just in case anyone thinks I’m cheating off of hot starts, or bad starts, or anything else, my picks here are exactly what I put down for the Wezen-ball predictions, which were due at the beginning of the season.

First, just a recap of my rankings:

Yankees                       + 8
Red Sox                        + 8
Blue Jays                      + 1
Rays                              - 1
Orioles                         - 3

Yankees and Red Sox will fight it out and keep it close. The Blue Jays will make a season-long run, and then fade at the end. The Rays will be a .500 team, and the Orioles will be better, but not quite there yet.

White Sox                    + 8
Tigers                            + 7
Twins                            + 6
Indians                         - 3
Royals                           - 5

It will be a three-way race, but the White Sox will win out in the end. The Indians and the Royals will suck.

Rangers                       + 14
Athletics                      + 6
Angels                          + 2
Mariners                     - 12

The Rangers show as the best team in the league, and as the defending champs, they have earned it. The Athletics will be a lot better, the Angles are fading, and the Mariners are the worst team in the majors. But no one needed me to say that.

Phillies                         + 11
Braves                         + 1
Mets                            + 1
Marlins                        - 2
Nationals                     - 9

The Phillies show as the beast of the East, by far. The Nationals are bad, and the others are all grouped together. That’s why this doesn’t really mean much, because I don’t believe this.

Reds                             + 13
Cardinals                    + 8
Brewers                      + 4
Cubs                            - 5
Astros                         - 7
Pirates                        - 8

Reds are the best, the Cardinals will be good, the Brewers will stay close and do their usual fade, and the others are fodder for the teams that win.

Rockies                       + 11
Giants                         + 8
Dodgers                     + 4
Padres                        + 3
Diamondbacks         - 2

The Rockies are better than anyone thinks, the Giants are for real, the Dodgers and Padres are middle of the road, and the Diamondbacks have a long way to go.

So what does that mean? Nothing. Just how I see the teams as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that the better teams will win, just that they are supposed to be better.

So for the actual predictions now:

Boston Red Sox                       93        69
New York Yankees                  90        72
Toronto Blue Jays                    87        75
Tampa Bay Rays                     82        80
Baltimore Orioles                   75        87

Boston’s defense, speed and pitching make the difference.

Chicago White Sox                  90        72
Detroit Tigers                           88        74
Minnesota Twins                    86        75
Cleveland Indians                   63        99
Kansas City Royals                 57        105

White Sox end up being slightly better than the rest.

Texas Rangers                         94        68
Oakland Athletics                   88        74
Los Angeles Angels                86        76
Seattle Mariners                     55        107

Ranges are still the best team in the league. Yup, better than Boston.

Atlanta Braves                        96        66
Philadelphia Phillies              90        72
Florida Marlins                       87        75
Washington Nationals         79        83
New York Mets                      63        99

Phillies age is too much for the Phillies pitching. I know people will laugh at this. I don’t mind.

Cincinnati Reds                      93        69
St Louis Cardinals                 92        70
Milwaukee Brewers            89        73
Houston Astros                    76        86
Chicago Cubs                        70        92
Pittsburgh Pirates               64        98

The Cardinals are going to be better than you think.

Colorado Rockies                89        73
San Diego Padres                86        76
Los Angeles Dodgers         85        77
San Francisco Giants         78        84
Arizona Diamondbacks    59        103

I should have flipped the Giants and Padres, but got it like this for some reason.

The playoffs:

Texas Rangers over New York Yankees

Chicago White Sox over Boston Red Sox

St Louis Cardinals over Atlanta Braves

Cincinnati Reds over Arizona Diamondbacks

The league championships:

Chicago White Sox over Texas Rangers

St Louis Cardinals over Cincinnati Reds

The World Series:

St Louis Cardinals over Chicago White Sox

The awards:

AL MVP:                      Adrian Gonzalez

NL MVP:                      Albert

AL Cy Young:               Felix Hernandez

NL Cy Young:               Matt Cain

AL Rookie:                   Mike Moustakas

NL Rookie:                   Juan Miranda

AL Breakout:               Nick Markakis – this is the guy who’s going
                                        take it up to the next level this year

NL Breakout:               Starlin Castro

That’s it. The good, the bad, the ugly and the impossible.

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